Er. L K Thakur Advocate Supreme Court of India and Chairman Vishw Nyay Mission
Er. L K Thakur
Supreme Court of India
and Chairman
Vishw Nyay Mission
Vishw Nyay Mission (Regd.) Vrindavan
(A premiere Legal Aid & Human Rights Protection Organisation)

Legal Aid and Advice A Constituent Unit of Vishw Nyay MIssion (Regd) Vrindavan
Er. L K Thakur, Advocate, Supreme Court of India
and Chairman
Vishw Naya Mission
Mathura, India




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The name of the organisation speaks for itself. It came into being as a public charity in the year 1990 at Vrindavan and got duly registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 in the year 1999 at Delhi, having its registered office at New Delhi and head office at Vrindavan.

A premiere legal-aid, social welfare organisation founded with the inspiration and blessings of Rev. "Judge Swamy" (Late Justice B.C. Mishra) and brought from conception to inception stage by Er. L.K. Thakur, Advocate, Supreme Court of India is the dream of the duo come true. A public charitable trust of which Er. L.K. Thakur, B.E., LL.B., SICM (Austria), Advocate, Supreme Court of India is Chairperson - cum - Managing Trustee of the organisation has earned national and international prominence by blessings of Lord Krishna and by doing the needful to ensure justice for the poor and downtrodden particularly for India and world society at large.

Based on the philosophy of "Geeta-Gyan" of Lord Sri Krishna to attain "Justice for all" and for protection of "Universal Human Rights" Vishw Nyay Mission has "aims and objects" to ensure justices^; making it accessible and achievable well within the reach of everyone to the people of India and to the world community as well.

The Chairperson-Cum-Managing Trustee Er. L.K. Thakur, Advocate, Supreme Court of India & his dedicated team of "Vishw Nyay Mission" in furtherance of the "Cause of Justice" have been instrumental in bringing peace, harmony and progress by activities ranging from organising Legal Aid programmes, Legal Awareness Camps, Peoples1 Court, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute resolution and by providing Legal Education for protection of Human Rights and Environment etc.

For his devotion to the cause of justice and having written acclaimed books on Human Rights, Pota & Cyber laws, the chairman of Vishw Nyay Mission, Er. L.K. Thakur. Advocate, Supreme Court has been felicitated on Law Day (26th Nov. 1999) by Justice (Dr.) A. S. Anand, the then Chief Justice of India, presently Chairman, National Human Rights Commision, New Delhi, on 26th Nov. 2002, on the occasion of Law Day by Justice B.N. Kirpal, the then Chief Justice of India and on 26th Nov. 2005, on the eve of Law D( y by Justice Y. K. Sabharwal, the Chief Justice of India as well as by Supreme Court Bar Association, New Delhi. He has also received National & International acclaims and awards such as "Life-time-achievement award" by 13th World Environment Congress on 31st December 2004, New Delhi & by 7th World Human Rights Congress on Human Rights Day on 10th December 2005 respectively.

He was also felicitated by Akhil Bhartiya Chatuh Sampradaya, Vrindaban (An all India Socio-religious body) for his Socio-religious and Legal endeavors on 15th Feb. 2006.

It is needless to say that philanthropists and cosmopolitans who have felt the need for an appropriate forum for their valuable contributions for advancement of "Cause of Justice" VISHW NYAY MISSION has proved very handy for them.

The Income Tax authorities, New Delhi have been pleased to grant exemptions under section 12-A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as well as Section 80 G of the said Act, hence all donations to "Vishw Nyay Mission" have the benefits of exemption.

We are actively engaged in doing the needful to ensure "justice for all", the individuals, the society, the state, the nation state and the world community by applying innovative methods based upon our research and development outcomes.

All kinds of welfare oriented activities aiming to ensure justice come within our purview which is undertaken by us for the "Cause of Justice".

The constitution of India contains "Directive Principles of State Policy" (Part IV) which acts as a beacon-light for the state and is well recognised as role model for entire world community.

Activities of "Vishw Nyay Mission" are very well directed towards achieving goals mentioned in Part IV of the Constitution of India.

It is writ large that judiciary in India has left no stone unturned to make Justice accessible well within the reach of all citizens, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender etc. but a lot needs to be done for a large number of people for whom justice is still a distant dream. Our organisation has prioritised socio-legal and social welfare activities for all round development of each and every individual of the society for their legal awareness, legal literacy and socio-economic upliftment as well.

A just and equitable socio-legal cum socio-economic setup is pre-requisite for advancement of "cause of Justice for all" and it is long felt need of Indian society, hence it has caught the best attention of VISHW NYAY MISSION.

"Justice should be seen and felt as being done" says the Apex Court in India. The huge "burden of court cases" require faster disposal without compromising on quality. To evolve a mechanism for faster & proper adjudication, "Vishw Nyay Mission" has played a catalytic role.

"The Vrindavan" a holy place and "Karma Bhoomi" in its own rights associated with Lord Krishna, the incarnation of almighty God chosen by him to fine-tune yoga and action is seat of all conceptions and inceptions that is to say-ideas translated into realities.

We at "Vishw Nyay Mission" as stated above are inspired by "Geeta Gyan" where "Yogah Karmashu Kaushalam" is the mantra. Perfection in action by performing in the best possible manner has been preached by Lord Krishna himself who inspired Arjuna to strive for Justice.

By organising "Jan-Adalats" (People's Court), legal awareness camp, educating peoples of their rights & duties & providing legal assistance to every needy individual & all concerned from confinees in jails to downtroddens, poor, handicapped & women etc. taking up the cause of Justice is daily routine of Vishw Nyay Mission.

For protection of environment, of flora & fauna and wild life has been duly taken care of by Vishw Nyay Mission.

By providing alternative dispute resolution, arbitration & consultation "Vishw Nyay Mission" is well recognised as role model and has itself turned into a "seat of Justice" (Thakur Court) at Vrindavan.

We have received encouragements from all quarters and we work "For the People, Of the People, and By the People" for attainment of most cherished goal of all of us i.e. "Justice for all" for Indians and for the world community at large.

Presently, Vishw Nyay Mission has mooted the idea of "Justice on Wheels" and "Justice on Doors", which has been appreciated by judiciary, by the bar, inteliigentia, academia, media & people at large. Thus the most urgent innitiative of "Vishw Nyay Mission" is to ensure faster adjudication without any compromise on "quality of Justice"

We are thankful to Hon'ble Justice G.B. Pattanaik (Ex-Chief Justice of India) who took all the pains to come all the way to "Thakur Court" Vrindavan at "Vishw Nyay Mission" on Tst March 2004 to inauguarate an international seminar on "Dharm & Kanoon" (Law & Religion) and to release an acclaimed book "Essentials of Pota & other Human Rights Laws", written by Er. L.K. Thakur, Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Chairman, Vishw Nyay Mission and later had all praise for the Chairman and his team of "Vishw Nyay Mission" for doing the needful for a just cause i.e. for achieving "justice for all"

We are also thankful to Shri Hansraj Bhardwaj, Union Minister for Law & Justice, Govt. of India who on the occasion of Law Day on 26th Nov. 2004 responded to give away the prize and offered a shawl on writing an acclaimed and award winning book on "Essentials of Pota & other Human Rights Laws" as well as for contribution in the feild of protection of human rights, environment and for providing legal-aid to ensure "justice for all" to Chairman, Vishw Nyay Mission, Er. L.K. Thakur, Advocate, Supreme Court of India at Supreme Court Bar, New Delhi.



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