Er. L K Thakur Advocate Supreme Court of India and Chairman Vishw Nyay Mission
Er. L K Thakur
Supreme Court of India
and Chairman
Vishw Nyay Mission
Vishw Nyay Mission (Regd.) Vrindavan
(A premiere Legal Aid & Human Rights Protection Organisation)
Legal Aid and Advice A Constituent Unit of Vishw Nyay MIssion (Regd) Vrindavan
Er. L K Thakur, Advocate, Supreme Court of India
and Chairman
Vishw Naya Mission
Mathura, India


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Aims and objects of "VISHW NYAY MISSION" are as follows:

To conduct legal education and legal awareness programmes for justice among the masses through work shops, seminars, symposia on socio-legal issues.

To campaign for human rights and duties among the citizens as human rights are necessary to promote the personality development of human beings.

To campaign for healthy environment among the masses which is necessary to safeguard conditions conducive to personality development of human beings.

To undertake legal research, arbitration and consultancy.

To conduct "Jan-Adalat" (People's Court) at different places in rural as well as urban areas in different states within the country.

To supplement the efforts in the field of Alternative Dispute Redressal Organisations, so that huge "Burden of
Court Cases" on Indian Courts, including High Courts & Supreme Court may be shared for adjudication to a great extent by this Endeavour.

To check the erosion of legal values and weakening of the foundation of democracy.

To conduct programmes on several burning social issues relating to national and international problems connected with law and justice as well as related global issues aiming for optimum development of society finally contributing to world peace.

To aid in organising conferences, seminars, meetings, discussions, debates, study courses, collection of statistics, exhibitions, shows, tour-trips & to establish endowments and scholarships for the promotion and furtherance of the aims and objects of the organisation.

To institute a chair in institution building for research on world issues, legal aid and justice in the universities, colleges and other bodies to make appointments to teachership, professorship and fellowship all over the world. H. To collaborate, affiliate, federate and co-operate with other Govt. Bodies, NGOs and International Agencies for implementing the projects of developmental nature all over the world

To raise and borrow money for the purpose of the trust in , such a manner as may be decided from time to time and to prescribe the consultancy fees and charges, grants-in aid etc.

To purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire properties (movable or immovable) rights and privileges all over the world which may be deemed necessary for convenient for the benifit of the Trust and to sell, lease, mortgage, dispose or otherwise deal with all or any part of the properties of the Trust.

To open branches, chapters and constituent centres in different parts of the world and get them registered with appropriate agencies and authorities if needed and felt necessary for the attainment of the aims and objects of the

To invest money of the trust most immediately required (including money collected through fee, gifts, endowments, donations, grants etc.) in such securities, bonds etc. as per provision of the relevant acts of the Government.

To strengthen the non-governmental organisations in order to make them discharge the responsibility for the implementation of a positive, social, cultural, economic and educational content bearing projects and programmes all overthe world.

And to generally do all that conducive and incidental tothe attainment of the aims and objects mentioned above.


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